Secrid Wallets - designed and made in Holland

Made in Holland

By 2009 the leather industry had virtually abandoned the Netherlands in favour of low-income countries. Secrid has brought this industry back to the Netherlands.

By developing a revolutionary different product and production process, wallets are once again being produced on a large scale in the Netherlands. More efficient and cleaner than ever and at a quantity never before seen in the Netherlands. Close cooperation with our 40 suppliers also plays a part in this. From the sewing workshop in Vlaardingen to the social enterprise in Leiden. Produced in favourable conditions and with concern for the environment, Secrid has already created more than 200 jobs in the Netherlands.

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More than a hundred people enthusiastically and precisely assemble our products every day.

The majority of them are employed at a social enterprise in Leiden. All the various parts of our wallets, such as the mechanism and the leather are brought together here. This is also where our wallets receive their unique serial number.

All the resources that our employees use in the social enterprise, such as the tools to assemble the Cardprotector, are produced by Secrid and in close consultation with the employees themselves. They know better than anyone else what is important.




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